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Student Services Centre

Address: ITE College Central (CC)
Blk A Level 3, #03-04.

Operating Hours of SSCMon - Thu  : 9 am to 5.30 pm
Fri  : 9 am to 5.00 pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays : Closed

Contact numbers:Ms Jie Xin at 65805133
Ms Wendy at 65805143
Ms Anizah at 65805153

Student Handbook

Click here to check out the College Central Student Handbook 2013!

Student Guidance Services

The Student Guidance team in ITE College Central aims to provide a safe and secure campus environment for students and staff through the active promotion of good discipline and proper behaviour.

ITE College Central Student Guidance Team

Student Care Services (Counselling)

Things can get better, not all wounds are visible, we are here for you.

Our Mission:
Student Care @ Central is a professional counselling centre.  Our commitment is to attend to the students' psychological, social and developmental needs.  Every student is unique and we believe in empowering them to manage life's challenges and to achieve their personal goals.
The Student Care Unit works in partnership with several external agencies such as Dyslexia Association of Singapore, the Health Promotion Board, the Community Health Assessment Team and the National Addictions Management Services to provide holistic services to the students and staff of ITE.

Our Services:
• Individual Counselling
• Couple/Family/Relationship Counselling
• Group Work
• Learning and Development (i.e. talks and workshops for staff and students)
• Crisis Intervention
• Psychological Assessment

Our Contact Details:
Venue                       : Block A3-08
Student Care@Central : 65805156
SCU Hotline               : 81827371
Email                         : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Alternatively, you can talk to your Class Advisor or Lecturer to make an appointment to see us.

Our Operating Hours:
From 8am to 5pm (walk-ins are welcomed, appointments are encouraged).

FAQ for Students

Q1: What is counselling?
A: When you feel sad or distressed and you do not know how  to cope with a situation, a counsellor is here to listen to you and give you support.
Q2: How can I look for a counsellor?A: You can drop by Student Care @ Central at  A3-08.  Alternatively, you can call 65805156 or SMS the Student Care Number 81827371 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Q3: How long is a counselling session?A: It is different for every student.  Generally a session is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Q4: How often do I have to see my counsellor?  How many sessions of counselling are necessary?A: After the first session, you and your counsellor will come to an agreement as to how often to meet and how many sessions.  Counselling is not compulsory; you can stop whenever you want to.

Q5: Do I have to pay?A: No.  Counselling services in ITE is free for all students.

Q6: Will the counsellor disclose the information I share to my parents, friends or lecturers?A: No, the information is kept confidential unless you harm yourself/ others or you are harmed by others.

Q7: Can I choose my counsellor?A: We do not encourage that as all counsellors in Student Care @ Central are professionally trained. However, if you feel more comfortable with either a male or a female counsellor, or you know of a particular counsellor, please let us know and we will find a counsellor according to your preferences.

Q8: If I see a counsellor, would there be a record or reflected on my report book?A: No.  All information is strictly confidential.  No one will know that you have seen a counsellor if you do not want them to. 

Student Insurance

All Full-time students are covered under the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance Scheme.

For more details on the GPA Insurance Scheme, please click on the links below.

 Full Time Jan / Apr Intake Students
 Group Personal Accident Insurance

 For International Students Only
 Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance

Students who have an injury and would like to claim insurance will have to do the following:
1. Complete the form  Insurance Claim for Accidents
2. Submit original medical bills and any other supporting documents together with the completed form to Customer & Visitor Centre @ Blk A level 2
For claims enquiry, please contact Ms Jie Xin at 65805133


Full Time Jan / Apr Intake Students
(Group Personal Accident Insurance)

i. Claim Form

ii. Summary of Benefits

For International Students Only
(Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance)

i. Claim Form

ii. Factsheet

Blazer Loan

Blazers are available for loan to students who represent ITE College Central at official events and functions, both locally and overseas.

Print the form
Complete the form with Staff Signature
Go to Student Services Centre at Blk A Level 3 to collect the blazer

Locker Rental

Students may apply for free usage of locker via
The application is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Students are responsible for the safety and security of their belongings stored in the lockers. The College is not liable for any losses or damages for the belongings kept in the lockers.

Please note that unauthorised use of lockers is strictly forbidden. The College shall have the authority to open the lockers and dispose of all property found therein.

For more details or clarification, you may go to the Customer & Visitor Centre @ Blk A Level 2 or contact Ms Jie Xin at 65805133